VISION / MISSION : Creation of a free society without existing exploitations, oppressions and deprivations between people to people in the name of caste, creed, religious, colour, gender and race through sustainable empowerment of community / concern people on gender, human rights, economic, environment, traditional and cultural rights.
Strengthening and mobilising of People organization (CBOs) in searching sources, availability and opportunity, and fighting for the rights.
Provision of Alternative medicine system such Siddha and herbal medicine for sustainable health.
Creation of people’s accessible capacity of basic needs / amenities such water, road, light, schools, hospitals, etc.
Fighting and equipping for human rights, gender rights, dalit right, child rights and fundamental rights of people.
Protection and development of environmental, ecological and livelihoods through action and legal oriented programme.
Supporting of aged, disabled, PLWHA, orphans, widows and destitute women for basic needs, care and support and free from social isolation and human rights violation.
       1.Sustainable Empowerment of women in organization and rights based aspects.
       2.Empowerment and promotion of environmental and biodiversity.
       3.Developing the deprived children on education and child rights.
       4.Developing and rehabilitating the deprived and deserted people
       5. Empowering Dalit and tribe in social, economical, legal and traditional & cultural matters
       6.Providing sustainable health to rural people.
       7.Organizing and empowerment of unorganized labour.
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